By following our recommendations, you will be able to easily maintain your pearls in their best condition.

Pearls are very solid. They are made up of aragonite (calcium carbonate), a very hard material that resists any shock – although it is very sensitive to acidic substances.

This is why we recommend not placing them near any product that could be corrosive such as perfume, sun cream or bleach. If it were to come into contact with any of these, the best course of action would be to wash them in fresh water immediately.

It is advisable to maintain them hydrated, and what better way than by wearing them since skin already contains moisture. It is also possible to dab them in a humid cotton pad at the end of the day to remove any possible acidity present in some types of skin.

In the case that they are not worn often the best place to store them is in a dry place next to a glass of water in order to humidify their environment, or in a bathroom where they will benefit from the humidity of the water vapor.

If you follow these tips…
your pearls could be passed down for generations!!